Monday, November 26, 2007

Mew Choo - definitely a breakthrough!

We remember the winners, we forget the losers.

Yes, in the just-concluded China Open Super Series, i'm sure many of you have watched it yesterday. Even if you have missed the ever nail biting matches, i'm sure you have read about it in the newspaper.

Headlines everywhere.

WONG MEW CHOO becoming the winner for the China Open Super Series Women's Singles.

After beating these players:

[32]Zhu Jingjing 21-19 21-11
[16]Pi Hongyan 21-17 16-21 21-11
[QF] Zhu Lin 18-21 21-9 21-13
[SF] Zhang Ning 21-16 21-19
[F] Xie Xingfang 16-21 21-8 17-21

Not easy huh! But the fact that she destroy's the Chinese domination was definitely something to remember. I always like to see Mew Choo playing. She never gives up. She makes the effort to run everywhere to TRY to retrieve the shuttle when it seems impossible.

In the finale against Xie Xingfang, she was ALWAYS trailing in the decider game. And yet, she held on. She fought point to point but never had the chance to lead the game until it was tied at 16-16. Then it suddenly became the turning point for Mew Choo as she put on the pressure on Xie Xingfang.

From The Star Newspaper:

“I just cannot believe it. I have never ever won an Open title before and I have ended the drought in China. This is incredible ... I am so happy right now,” said Mew Choo in a telephone interview from Guangzhou yesterday.

“The hopes are usually on the men to win titles for the country but I am glad that I have done it for the women.”

“I came here with a target to reach the quarter-finals. I knew I had a fighting chance against Hongyan (the world number five). But beating Zhu Lin for the first time gave me confidence,” she said.

“Then, I defeated Zhang Ning for the first time after losing seven times to her. I kept asking myself, is it all really happening?

“After reaching the final, I was bent on winning the title. I have beaten Xingfang once (at the World Championships) but many thought that I was lucky to win it. Today, I proved that the win was no fluke. She had the crowd behind her but I never gave up even though I lost terribly in the second game.”

“I do not have to worry about making the cut for the Olympics if I continue playing like this. In fact, this win has given me a lot of confidence. Now, I know that I can challenge for an Olympic medal.

“However, I do not want to be overly excited. I will be competing in the Hong Kong Open next week and I hope to reach the last eight.”

Said national coach Wong Tat Meng of Mew Choo's success: “What more I can say? Mew Choo has made us all very proud today. She has given a new image to Malaysian women's badminton.”

But don't let the victory get over you, Mew Choo. You still need to stay focused and stay consistent in order to be up on level with the Chinese great players. Tine Rasmussen also did what you did in the Japan Open but she is still inconsistent.

Still, we'll all be rooting for your success again in the coming Hong Kong open!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

China Open Super Series - the rise of Choong Hann!!

Well done, Choong Hann!

It certainly proves that you have been working hard and smart to make into the finals of the China Masters Open Super Series. No matter how difficult the injury you had last year, I believe it's the determination which brings you to where you are now. Other younger players are STILL not consistent, they are STILL not ready to take over you. It has been almost a decade since you made yourself a name in the 1998 Commonwealth Games, and you can STILL shoulder the responsibility of carrying Malaysia's name. I'd rather have you play for the country's team event than having Hafiz Hashim, Roslin Hashim, or even Kuan Beng Hong destroying our dreams.

You rose. You outclassed Chen Hong, you defeated Sony Dwi Kuncoro, you eliminated Kenneth Jonassen. These three are definitely no easy players for you. But you did it. It's the victory over well-named players which Malaysians always want to listen to.

Well done, Chong Wei. I still have not forgotten about you.

You defeated Taufik Hidayat. We're all still proud of you for your achievement. In the Sudirman cup, you totally destroyed China's clean sweep of 5-0. Having you to beat Lin Dan was a joy to your fans.

This blog entry is specially for both Choong Hann and Chong Wei because they defeated big names. I'm still going to be harsh on Tan Bin Shen/Ong Soon Hock despite reaching the semifinals due to their opponents they faced. It's not that their opponents were looked down by me, but to get praised and earn headlines from the newspapers, they have got to really create upsets! I really hope they do.

Buzzing Bambee's player of the week : WONG CHOONG HANN!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

what's up Ng Brothers?

Are you both seeking attention by getting the headlines so often these few weeks?

Are you both thinking that you're so important that Malaysia can't risk losing you both in gymnast?

Go ahead. Quit. It's not that getting silver medal in the Commonwealth Games is really something to show off. It's not that getting strings of gold medals in the SEA Games is something to be proud of - no high quality gymnast to compete with you. It's not that we're all so convinced that you both are going to get medals in the Olympic Games.

Not until your assy attitude changes.

Extracted from the star:

The NSC director general, Datuk Zolkples Embong, was disappointed, especially with Shu Wai for ignoring all efforts made to get in touch with him since he went AWOL.

“His coach (Pavel Todorov) alerted us on his absence. The coach and our officials tried to get in touch with him but he showed disrespect by ignoring all our attempts,” said Zolkples.

“The coach even went to his house. Shu Wai and his brother were reluctant to see him. They told Pavel that they wanted to quit the sport because of personal problems.

“We have accommodated so many of Shu Wai's requests. We gave him the best coaches, sent him for training stints in China and now he has done this. We do not want this type of athletes in our programme. We prefer to train younger ones who are disciplined and hungry for success.”

The NSC spent US$4,650 a month on Shu Wai alone for his more than two years in China at their national training centre in Beijing.

Zolkples said that they would give Shu Wai one more chance to realise his Olympic dream.

“The show cause letter will be sent to him tomorrow. We will welcome him back but we will no longer tolerate such behaviour,” he added.

Both Todorov and the MGF hoped that Shu Wai would come to his senses and return to the fold.

Said the Bulgarian: “I believe in giving athletes a second chance. I want to reach out to Shu Wai and Shu Mun.

“I want them to know that whatever the problems or how severe they may appear, they will always have our love and support. There is always a hope and if there is a will, the situation can be resolved. This is not only their dream but also the Malaysian dream.” MGF president Datuk Dr Zakaria Ahmad urged Shu Wai to not waste his talent.

“Pavel has plans for him to even break among the top three in the upcoming world meet. He can make it. I am just so disappointed at this moment that he has chosen to throw all that away.”

Aren't you a little tired over indisciplined of them? Remember the havoc he created with his former Chinese coach, Zhang Jun? He won that battle. The NSC granted him whatever he wished for.

What a fool, Shu Wai!

Unless a good explaination is given for the absence and why you are quitting, no one else is going to have faith in you in future.

We're fed up with the ugly attitudes already!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

the ups and downs

Sorry for the inactive-ness of Malaysian Sports Buzz.

To recap, there has been a lot of going ons since my last entry - some positive, some negatives.

As a follow up from the Roslin Bummer entry, the entry list for the World Championship 2007 is finally out. The Men's Singles comprises of Lee Chong Wei, Hafiz Hashim, and Lee Tsuen Seng, who is from KLRC. Wild card entry is given to Roslin Hashim. While all of us may, at first, see that it was the best compromise, leaving out the ever hardworking player, Wong Choong Hann from one of the most prestigious tournament, it wasn't really the best option a few weeks later.

Competing in the small tournaments in order to gain ranking points, Roslin fell terribly in both New Zealand Open and Cheers Asian Satellite 2007 to some unknown players while leaving the Malaysian junior, Tan Chun Seang winning those two titles.

Perhaps it's still early to judge things. We shall see in future, whether Roslin is the right choice to be the Wild Card player while in the mean time, either Chun Seang or Choong Hann seems to be a better choice.

On the bright side, having Chong Wei winning the Indonesian Open 2007 is definitely a boost to our stagnant men's singles after quite a period. The revival of Choong Tan Fook-Lee Wan Wah in both the recent super series is definitely a positive sign. Albeit losing to Cai Yun - Fu Haifeng in the finals of Singapore Open, and a week later, losing to the same opponent in the Quarterfinals of the Indonesia Open, we certainly can't complain much.

Besides, there is no more of Hafiz Hashim curse on Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong as they both too, managed to revive from their badminton death by being the semifinalist of the Indonesia Open. Just leave the curse to the source.

What more can I say? Ah...Kuan Beng Hong!! Definitely hoping that he does not sleep too much, or else his place will be taken over by the much improved Chun Seang.

The next tournament will be the Sudirman Cup, where our girls have to really deliver in order to bring up our overall coutry's dignity in this lovely sport. Let us all be optimistic, and hope that they will never let us down.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Roslin bummer

Looks like BAM's apparently human error is now producing headaches.

Refer to my entry BAM Bummed

Now Roslin decides not to sue BAM, after meeting with our Sports Minister, Datuk Azalina. Fine fine.

And these are the compensations claimed by Roslin, some which I agree, and some just do not make sense. Referring to the BAM Bummed entry, I did support the move to ask for monetary compensation but this has gone too far. Have a look (source: The Star)


  • Prize money for the men’s singles champion in the Singapore and Indonesian Opens amounting to US$32,000.
  • Nusa Mahsuri’s cash incentive of RM5,000 for winning the Singapore andIndonesian Opens

(Ok, the first two points may be acceptable. Since competing in tournaments is his rice bowl, he has the right to claim for the prize winner's amout, IF he happens to produce miracle)

  • RM70,000 penalty fee imposed by sponsors for his failure to compete in Singapore and Indonesian Opens without valid reasons.

(This is somewhat acceptable. But I'm not sure about the logic of the amount. Is it appropriate? Is it too much or too little?)

  • The BAM to bear the cost for all his trips to the tournaments that offer Olympic qualifying points (including flight and accommodation).

(This is INSANE!! Roslin is smart in taking advantage of BAM's mistake but claiming the cost of him for future tournaments? Man, he is seriously trying to gain extra pocket money. )

  • A place in the squad for the World Championships which will be held at Kuala Lumpur’s Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil from Aug 13-19.

(Come one. Be like Taufik, then only whatever claims you make will be somewhat acceptable. But you are not. Being a world number 1, seeded 1 in one of the previous World Championships, practising in the wee hours to prepare, but failed in the first round to an unknown player eventually. Reason : Fever. WTF!)

(I understand that you are desperately trying to go for this year's WC. I understand your frustration. But to straight away demand this? My goodness. I'm sure other players like Sairul, Lee Tsuen Seng will not be happy too. )

(Note: The BAM spend an average of RM2,500 to RM6,000 per player for an international tournament. It varies depending on the venue of the tournament. Taking into account the above, Roslin’s demands in cash and kind is around RM300,000. )

Still on the last point. I seriously do not know how BAM is going to handle that. Even KLRC, the club where Lee Tsuen Seng is training, starts to speak up on that last demand.

From The Star:

KLBA: Don't entertain Roslin demand

PETALING JAYA: Shuttler Mohd Roslin Hashim’s demand for the third men's singles slot in the World Championships should not be entertained, says Kuala Lumpur Badminton Association (KLBA) secretary Mohamed Abdullah.

The KLBA have no problems with Roslin asking for monetary compensation from the BAM (Badminton Association of Malaysia) but it is not right to ask for a place in the squad for the world meet (at Putra Stadium in Kuala Lumpur from Aug 13-19),” said Mohamed.

Mohamed said that Roslin should not take away the right of other players, who had qualified for the world meet on merit. Based on the May 3 world rankings used to determine the qualifiers for the world meet, Malaysia can send three players if all are ranked in the top-24 bracket. The eligible players are the top three shuttlers Lee Chong Wei (No 5), Mohd Hafiz Hashim (No 9) and KLRC Bhd’s Lee Tsuen Seng (No 16). The others in the top 24 standings are Roslin (18), Sairul Amar Ayob (21st) and Yeoh Kay Bin (24th). The BAM will announce the squad before the final deadline on June 25.

“Tsuen Seng is our player (KLBA). He has earned a spot for the world meet. It is not right for someone else to claim that they have the right to go. We hope a fair decision will be made,”added Mohamed.

See. Now the trouble is here again. Fighting for the third slow in the World Championship. None of this would have happened if BAM did not omit Roslin's name in the just completed Singapore Open and next, Indonesian Open. Speaking of Singapore Open, I'll blog about it in the next entry.

Meanwhile, good luck to Roslin, BAM, and KLRC.

Monday, April 30, 2007

The Malaysian clashes in Singapore Open

Thanks to the draw, we have Malaysians v Malaysians in the first round of the the Singapore Open. It will be the first tournament where points will be accumulated for the Olympics qualification. Sorry to hear that Roslin will have to stay at home and miss all the fun.

On the other hand, can his younger brother, Hafiz Hashim rise on ocassion? Can the wedding luck continues to be with him throughout the tournament? Can he beat Lee Chong Wei who is on the verge of proving himself? Can Chong Wei defies all odds to resurrect his game? Can Chong Wei even reach the quarterfinals to play against Lin Dan? or is Hafiz going to be the one to face Lin Dan instead of Chong Wei?

It's even worse in the men's doubles. Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong v Zakry/Fairuzizuan in the first round, and Hoon Thien How/Chan Chong Ming v Lee Wan Wah/Choong Tan Fook also in the first round. While the veterans are still in hunger for success, the newly paired Thien How/Chong Ming shall not give up that easilly. I predict the more experienced pair to prevail. Same goes to Kien Keat and Boon Heong. Whether or not Rexy's action in disciplining Kien Keat is fruitful, we'll find out by the end of this week.

Attentions will be on the mixed doubles where the limelight mostly shines on the juniors, Woon Khe Wei/Tan Wee Kiong. They will have to fight the likely Korean pairs in the qualifying round before playing with the best in the main draw. Will miracle be produced? How far can this pair go?

The answers will be revealed soon.

On a side note, Nicol David finally falls to Natalie Grinham 9-4, 9-4, 9-0 in the finals of the Seoul City Open. She only has herself to blame for not being focused. Fear not. I believe she will bounce back. Blaming herself rather than blaming the lightings, or citing injuries as the cause, or other excuses is very acceptable. See, that's what many Malaysian atheletes will have to learn from our squash queen.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

BAM bummed!!

Alright. Not even sure if "bummed" ever exists!!

Anyway, the issue is: BAM has gotten herself in hotsoup with the omision of Hafiz Hashim's entry into the very important back-to-back tournaments, Singapore Open and Indonesian Open.

Excerpt from The Star Online

“How can they forget to submit my name? This is the third time that it is happening to me (his name was also missing from the list in the last year's China Open and this year's Malaysian Open). This is ridiculous"

“I just arrived from Denmark today (yesterday) and I was shocked to find out that my name was not entered for the two tournaments,” said Roslin, who had been playing for the Danish Vendsyssyl Badminton Club."

“I cannot help but feel that this is a sabotage. I cannot accept the explanation that they (the BAM) have missed out my name again. This time, I am not accepting their apology. I am very disappointed,” said Roslin.

“Yes, I wanted badly to win a place in the squad for the world meet. But it will be unfair if I am considered despite missing these last two tournaments that are being used to determine the third singles player for the country for the world meet."

“There are other club players, who are equally determined to win a place in the world meet. For now, I think my hope of playing in the world meet is as good as over.”

Besides the world No. 18 ranked Roslin, the others in the running for the world meet are KLRC Bhd’s Lee Tsuen Seng (16th), Sairul Amar Ayob (22nd) and Yeoh Kay Bin (25th). The top two singles players assured of their places for the world meet are Lee Chong Wei and Roslin’s younger brother Hafiz. Roslin is now looking forward to competing in satellite tournaments to safeguard his world ranking.

“My next goal is to try and qualify for the Olympic Games (in Beijing). By missing the Opens in Singapore and Indonesia, my world ranking will certainly drop,” he lamented.

and how did BAM react?

Taken from The Star:

“There were so many entries and there was a slip-up from the BAM. We realise this ratherlate and we could not make any changes.
The BAM will be more vigilant in dealing with the entries of the players in future,” said Kenny.

He explained further:
“For a start, we have appealed to all the clubs to send one letter of entry for each particular player and tournament in the future,” said Kenny.

“In Roslin’s case, the club had sent one letter on his entries for three tournaments - the Asian Badminton Championships, Singapore and Indonesian Opens. My staff saw only the entry for the ABC."

“It was a human error. We have not made it a rule but we hope to get the co-operation from all the clubs in submitting only one letter per entry. "

“We will also form a committee to go through the entries of all the players before it is submitted to the BWF (Badminton World Federation). This committee, however, will not have decision-making power but they will ensure that qualified and deserving players are not left out of any tournaments.”

On whether any form of compensation would be given to Roslin following the error, Kenny said:

“There is no issue of compensation here. We can only give an assurance that this will not happen in future.”

Roslin's verdict:
“I am going ahead to sue them (the BAM). They can have a meeting with my club (Nusa Mahsuri) but as far as I am concerned, I am not happy with them for making mistakes after mistakes,” said Roslin.

Oh dear. SOOO many entries? How many players actually registered? 500? 1000? BAM's staff must be sleeping. Now that Roslin's taking legal action, they only initiated the corrective action. Funny isn't it? - that when it actually happened before last year in China Open and Malaysia Open, BAM should have opened up their eyes to be MORE CAREFUL and double check the entries. I'm actually supporting Roslin for his move, not that he's my favourite player but I always like to see someone stepping up to do something. What's wrong with sending ONE letter for three tournaments? It saves up EVERYONE'S paper work for sure. The admin clerk must be really blind, or the admin clerk clearly hates Roslin or maybe the BAM is really sabotaging Roslin.

I am no expert in legal matters AT ALL. As far as I'm concerned, as a full-time professional badminton player, his MAIN income comes from sponsorship and the prize money in tournaments. He must have missed a lot of cash inflow so far by missing out in the coming 2 tourneys and the 2 tourneys last year. Well, Roslin. Be smart. Ask for compensation too.

Coming into a more sports-loving view, I really pity Roslin for NOT having the chance to fight for his position to play in the World Championship this year. I know, I know..can still try next year what, but tell me, who likes to be missed out, especially when the world championship is held at your homeground? You can emerge as a hero, who knows, you may even revive your career since you are a very very vigilant fighter on court.

As much as I am a fan of Lee Tsuen Seng (i still remember his glory days), however putting aside of favouritism here, I must say Roslin SHOULD have been given a chance to prove himself too. He's really missing out A LOT for not competing in both tournaments.

I do not know now how the third slot for the world championship will be chosen since those two tourneys will be used as the major factor. If the others performed badly, will Yap Kim Hock be sympathetic to choose Roslin instead? And if let's say Tsuen Seng performed miracle, then Roslin would be left out unfairly.

I'm not sure at all of the effect of the legal actions will be should Roslin succeed. How will it affect BAM and the players under its wings?

You know, sometimes I'm not even sure if Roslin shall win this case. It might take ages to see the outcome, AND.....

Since BAM is a government body, do you think Roslin shall prevail?

Smart move, BAM for sending Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong to an election campaign (Machap).

What do you think?

Friday, April 20, 2007

"The curse of Hafiz Hashim"?

News which arouses my interest.

Excerpt from The Star Online on what Rexy blasted Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong due to their poor performance in the recent ABC.

"The signs are already there. They did not play to expectations in the ABC. They were lucky to win because the Taiwanese pair made more mistakes in the second game."

“Kien Keat tends to play to the gallery and this is what I fear most, especially when it comes to the World Championships (which will be held in Kuala Lumpur from Aug 13-19). "

“It will be the same situation when it comes to the World Championships. A full capacity crowd is expected whenever a big competition takes place here. The only difference is all the top players in the world are competing and I do not want them to repeat this,”
said Rexy yesterday.

“They had just won their first title in the Doha Asian Games (in December) but the expectations then were not as great compared to now."

“People are looking up to them because of their successes on the international arena and the attention and praises are getting to them."

“I do not want them to lose their focus. They are still young and mentally they are not that strong yet. "

“The main goal is the World Championships and next year's Olympics. They have not won it yet. If they have become an Olympic champion, then they can really celebrate,”
added Rexy.

For the record, Malaysia have never produced an Olympic champion in any sport. And Rexy is prepared to step in to prevent the situation from turning bad, including taking away their handphones if Kien Keat-Boon Heong continue to be distracted by external factors during a competition.

If I have to impose any restriction, it is for their own good. I treat all the players under my care the same, irrespective of how many titles they have won.”

and I want to add this which is taken from the New Straits Times Online

"Nathan Robertson-Gail Emms’ (mixed doubles pair of England) celebrations extended to three months after they won the World Championships in Madrid last September and they have not won a title since."

So to say is, their low performance in the ABC is due to the celebrationS they attended after winning the All England (not surprising).

It's easy to get to the top, but maintaining their position is definitely difficult. If taking away handphones from them just to make them concentrate, I think it's a little too serious. They are adults, and yet they still have to be controlled by the coach.

What I'm trying to point out is that having such high profile career where you are carrying the nation's name is NOT easy. They have distractions, they are allowed to linger around and have quite a freedom as compared to the Chinese players. At first I thought that being someone who represents China would be similar to living in a soldier camp where all you have to do is to train, train, and train like robots. Wang Lin, a women's singles junior player who frequently updated her blog was instructed to stop blogging just because it will disrupt her performance. It was illogical at the first thought. However their perseverance of facing such ordeal lives paid off when they are constantly dominating in almost every discipline.

So, when I read this:
taken from the New Straits Times Online
"Nathan Robertson-Gail Emms’ (mixed doubles pair of England) celebrations extended to three months after they won

I was shocked. That was a little overrated. Now at least Rexy has some point to prove to our hopes, Kien Keat and Boon Heong. It's ok if you want to slack off when you are self-employed but it's NOT ok if you go off track when you are REPRESENTING the country. All eyes will be on you both. Ok. The same goes to our junior players, back up players, AND Lee Chong Wei, Kuan Beng Hong and Hafiz Hashim. Just do not get the "curse of Hafiz Hashim" - winning the All England and then flops eventually.

You win, we praise. You lose, we condemn.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

First Buzz

I've decided to start blogging about sports of my interest anonymously because at the moment I still do not feel confident about my writings and my thoughts.

Why Malaysian Sports?

It's because of the exposure from the daily newspapers I have on Malaysian athletes who have been bringing up the name of Malaysia internationally.

Mostly, this blog is going to be on badminton because it is my number one favourite sports. I know our badminton team's performance has been a yoyo but thank god we have Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong to save us from the embarrassment. I know it's not easy to shoulder such huge responsibilities when the whole nation is expecting you to deliver, after all badminton is one of the few Malaysian proud. That is why, our Men's singles players like Lee Chong Wei, Hafiz Hashim and Kuan Beng Hong HAVE to be ready to carry our country's name proudly. I've heard a lot of reasons on Chong Wei's downfall recently. I would say, if you are from China, you're most definitely going to hear more critiques than here in malaysia. Buck up!

As much as I always like to criticize them when they're underperforming, I also always give my fullest support to them when they're on court. But being a typical Malaysian they always let me down, especially during the finals.

I am going to try my very best to follow the upcoming Singapore Open and try to write down my thoughts. I know it will be a challenge to me because I have not done it before.

Besides badminton, once in a while I may also blog on other sports. Squash, definitely because Nicol David is certainly who we really appreciate, having won soooo many major tournaments and having the mental strength is really something which our badminton players should learn. She once lost in the 2002 Busan Asian Games when everyone had expected her to deliver the gold medal. She was disappointed. She was criticized by the media, and yet she bounced strongly after that, winning tournaments after tournaments, including the World Champion which she had successfully defended. I'm really proud. Malaysia is really proud of her.

What else do I have in mind at the moment? Swimming - I remember some names too. Like Daniel Bego finished a second later than the world's fastest swimmer or something in some strait swimming? Diving - Yeoh Ken Nee and his partner finished silver in a highly ranked tournament in CHina a few days ago. Sorry, I think I should start paying attention to these two discipline if I want to blog. I know it's irritating to have partial information here.

Not forgetting we have Sazali who won the Mr Universe(i admit i'm not really into body building). Well, what about our tracks and fields? I don't think we have that much runners/high jumpers/long jumpers/shot putters to be able to challenge the world.

But we still have Ng Shu Wai for gymnast but no one else comes closer than him so far in malaysia. There still so much room of improvement for him. It's sad to see that we do not have that much proper management in artistic gymnastic section. I make such conclusion based on what i've read from the newspaper because there were always several issues regarding on where he should go to train.

Well, I am not that creative in names, so I thought since my focus will be on badminton, so BAM should be the first on my mind. I've seen cars number plates with BAMBEE followed by the numbers. At first i wanted it to be, but it was taken. I've checked that website and it's not updated since donkey years ago, so why not the owner deletes it and let me have it.. Hmm. Anyway, i added buzzing at the front. It goes very will with BEE, and I think it can also be intepreted as "what's buzzing in BAM?"

Yeah, I think that should be it for the introduction of this newly registered blog. Please note that sometimes I may be biased but I will try my very best to be professional (wanna-be).